How Does DocStore Work?

DocStore Oxford will deliver the number of archive cartons that you specify. If you have already packed/stored files in your own archive cartons this is acceptable.

At the same time they will provide barcoded labels that you should place on each carton when packed. You can also barcode and register documents within the cartons. With these labels there will be an “inventory document”.  This “inventory document” lists each of the bar codes and you should complete the corresponding section with the contents of that carton for that bar code i.e

Barcode “C00001234” - “Sales invoices 1.1.2009-31.12.2009”.

The “inventory document” should also, if applicable, give the destruction date for that carton.

When the cartons are registered, that "inventory document" will be entered into the computer. Then, if required, new barcode labels can be printed to add the full description and destruction dates of the content of that carton.

Those cartons can then be stored, traced and handled through the barcoding system for your specific requirements.

You can then have access to your company’s inventory through the customer login facility on the website. Furthermore you can request a scanned copy of any document if needed urgently.

This is a simple document storage facility that is straightforward to understand and operate.